am Rennweg

The guiding principle for this practice is to offer each patient an expertly customized treatment plan that is sustainable.

This guiding principle rests on the application of evidence-based guidelines, specialized professional training with years of practical experience, commitment to continuing professional education, and active cooperation with institutes at Swiss universities.

We have also been privileged to share our experiences with interested colleagues at courses and symposia throughout Europe.

The state-of-the-art facilities of our practice and the use of new image-guided procedures such as digital volume tomography allow exact diagnoses and minimally invasive procedures.

As specialists we are engaged in interdisciplinary cooperation of the various areas of dentistry. High-grade tooth-coloured fillings, porcelain reconstructions such as inlays, veneers and crowns, endodontic treatments and microsurgery nowadays require refined techniques which benefit from the involvement of proficient experts.

We often perform particular treatment steps for referring dentists.

We work in close partnership with external specialists in the fields of pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and maxillo-facial surgery.

We firmly believe that successful outcomes depend heavily on the level of dental laboratory technique. Consequently, we have an extensive network of specialized technicians with whom we work very closely.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the type of materials used and the way they are processed: we insist on the highest quality.

However, long lasting success depends on continuous care and the active cooperation of the patient.

We therefore stress the importance of prevention - our team of experienced dental hygienists is pleased to support you in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.