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The motto of our joint endeavours consists in offering our patients individually suited and lasting treatments in optimal quality.

Case Studies

Aesthetic correction with bonding/composite
Aesthetic correction with bonding/composite
Minimally invasive veneers/table tops
Resin-bonded adhesive bridge and veneers
Bleaching and 2 veneers
A single veneer
Total reconstruction with veneers and overlays
Resin-bonded adhesive bridge in lower jaw
Resin-bonded adhesive bridges
Gap management with veneers
6 Veneers
2 Implants

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

White and symmetrically aligned teeth radiate health and attractiveness. It's our pleasure to listen to your wishes and concerns. We suggest a so-called mock-up, a realistic simulation of the expected outcome of the suggested treatment. This could give you some idea of what to expect before starting any actual intervention.

Thanks to the most recently developed materials it is now possible to conserve the existing tooth structures. We apply the latest technologies in close cooperation with highly specialized dental technicians.

All members of our team are experts in the field of aesthetic dental medicine - corrections of discoloured, asymmetrically shaped  and misaligned teeth are part of our expertise. It is possible to improve the appearance of teeth by bleaching, bonding  and the application of veneers. In patients with gumsmile a correction of the soft tissue can make a positive change to the overall impression.

Let us show you examples of the individual treatment options.

Reconstructive Dentistry and Implantology

Various options and materials for restoring chewing function and aesthetic appearance are available. We will be glad to show you different possibilities such as veneers, crowns, fixed dental prostheses, implants or full dentures - together we will find a suitable solution.

A complete reconstruction of the dentition with various techniques is considered an exceedingly demanding undertaking. As a highly specialized team accordingly trained and with years of experience we are able to perform such treatments focussed and efficient. A further sector of our extended experience includes the treatment of younger patients suffering from  malformations or missing teeth due to birth defects.

Healthy gums and intact jawbones, regular check-ups by your dentist, and thorough cleansing by a dental hygienist are essential for the longevity of the reconstructions. Daily care of the reconstructions is of paramount importance. Regular dental hygiene treatments and continuous dental check-ups support gum and bone health.

Plastic Reconstruction Surgery

Healthy gums and and intact jawbones form the basis for teeth and implants. Inflammations, accidents or inappropriate teeth-cleaning habits can damage the oral tissue and often cause irreversible damage. Microsurgical techniques and appropriate materials may make a reconstruction possible.

The complete loss of a tooth is inevitably connected to a loss of soft and hard tissue. The replacement of this loss directly after the extraction of the tooth is to be considered. By this approach later extensive augmentation of bone and soft tissue can be avoided.

Replacing a missing tooth with an implant may require replacing missing bone tissue. This may be undertaken in a separate session before placing the implant or simultaneously at the time of the implant placement. The replacement of an incisor often requires the transplantation of some soft tissue taken from the palate.

For our replacement procedures we exclusively use products for which long-term scientific data are available. Further information can be found here:

Full-ceramic Reconstructions

Teeth as well as implants can successfully be reconstructed with white metal-free materials. Zirconium oxide and glass ceramics are among the most frequently used substitutes.

The manufacture of full-ceramic reconstructions lies in the hands of our experienced dental technicians. Dental preparations will be carried out least invasively. The choice of the most suitable ceramic material guarantees top-quality manufacturing and maximum aesthetic perfection. Our claim to offer top quality prevents us from performing ceramic reconstructions that are produced and inserted simultaneously. 

The impressions for teeth and implants are made via our high-precision oral scanner which allows for a more agreeable session. Should you wish, we can demonstrate and explain the procedures with the help of the monitor.

Root Canal Treatments and Revision of a pre-existing Treatment

Vast improvement in modern root canal treatment promises a higher success rate and permits better medical prognosis. This so-called endodontology is a sector of dental medicine dealing with the treatment of an affected or infected interior of a tooth.

Today's techniques and the available materials are more precise and effective and allow more exact diagnostics and a more detailed treatment plan. Often, applications of digital technologies facilitate more exact diagnoses and treatment planning.

At the start of a modern root canal treatment a thorough examination will be performed. The ensuing treatment is performed under the microscope. Intensive cleansing and disinfecting the affected root canal serves to prevent the loss of the tooth. In some cases the revision of a pre-existing root canal treatment can be indicated, should for example bacteria have remained in the canal or a new infection have occurred.

The modern root canal treatment is a very effective method to save affected or infected teeth and to avoid further complications. In many cases a crown or some other means of reconstructive tooth replacement is required in order to protect and preserve the tooth for the future.